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Travel to IL, VA for Abortions Expected to Rise Among KY Women

Jun 27, 2022
Low-income, rural, and women of color will be most impacted by the state's trigger ban that has outlawed abortion in the Commonwealth. They'll now have to travel to neighboring states where the procedure remains legal. Kentucky State Director for Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates Tamara Weider said in general, reproductive health groups have shifted gears to help transport patients to Illinois - or for those in the eastern part of the state, Virginia. ...(Read More)

KY Food Bank Demand Rises Amid Inflation, Fuel Costs

Jun 22, 2022
Food banks are struggling to keep up operations as they contend with rising fuel costs, inflation and an uptick in demand driven by the end of pandemic-era food assistance. Supply-chain issues have tightened the flow of donations at God's Pantry Food Bank in Lexington, said chief executive Mike Halligan, and getting a variety of food products has been a challenge. He said expiration of the Commonwealth's Emergency Health Declaration in the pandemic has stopped supplemental SNAP benefits to households already pinched by cost-of-living increases. ...(Read More)

Law Enforcement Groups Voice Support for Gun Safety Measures

Jun 15, 2022
National law enforcement groups are joining the chorus of Kentuckians calling on the U.S. Senate to pass meaningful gun-safety measures. A bipartisan group of senators is working on specific legislation after announcing an agreement to support "red flag" laws, boost background checks and increase mental health resources. ...(Read More)

Kentuckians Under “Crippling” Financial Stress from Student Loan Debt

Jun 07, 2022
Kentuckians Under “Crippling” Financial Stress from Student Loan Debt Kentuckians collectively owe more than $20 million in student loan debt, and a new informal survey sheds light on how hefty student-loan payments affect the lives of borrowers in the Commonwealth. Research from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy found nearly one in five residents owe student debt, including 20,000 people at or near retirement age. Ashley Spalding, research director at the Center, said the situation is preventing many individuals from purchasing a home, starting a business, or accessing health care. ...(Read More)

Experts: Texts Could Help Shrink Post-COVID Health-Coverage Gap

May 31, 2022
The COVID-19 public health emergency mandating continuous coverage for Medicaid enrollees is expected to expire later this year, and experts say states such as Kentucky could ramp up communication, including text messages and emails to beneficiaries, to ensure residents don't slip through the cracks when the policy ends. Since the start of the pandemic, many Kentuckians have moved, and changed their address and possibly their phone number. Farah Erzouki, senior policy analyst for the Center on Budget Policy and Priorities, said state agencies likely do not have updated information for a significant number of their Medicaid population. ...(Read More)

Expertos instan a enfocarse en hábitos saludables de verano para niños en KY

May 25, 2022
Expertos instan a enfocarse en hábitos saludables de verano para niños en KY A medida que los estudiantes de Kentucky se acercan al inicio no oficial del verano este fin de semana, los defensores de los niños instan a las familias a priorizar la actividad física, practicar una alimentación saludable, mantenerse al día con las vacunas y encontrar formas positivas de controlar el estrés y las emociones. Ben Chandler, de la Fundación para un Kentucky Saludable, dice que la campaña estatal del grupo, llamada "High Five for Health" (Choca esos Cinco por Salud), tiene como objetivo garantizar que los niños estén preparados para volver a aprender en el otoño. "High Five for Health es una receta para la salud del cuerpo y la mente. "...(Read More)

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