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Instan a futuras madres de KY a vacunarse contra el COVID

May 16, 2022
Si bien muchos estadounidenses han reanudado su vida normal después de los últimos dos años, la pandemia de COVID no ha desaparecido, especialmente si tiene una enfermedad preexistente o está embarazada. La Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, sin fines de lucro y no partidista, les recuerda a las futuras madres en el estado de Bluegrass que vacunarse contra el COVID-19 es una de las muchas maneras de garantizar mejor un embarazo seguro y saludable. La vicepresidenta de comunicaciones, Ashley Brauer, dice que todos los datos disponibles muestran que la vacunación es segura para las mujeres embarazadas y sus hijos, y el objetivo de la campaña es brindarles a las madres los datos que necesitan para tomar una decisión informada. ...(Read More)

KY Mothers-to-Be Urged to Get Vaccinated Against COVID

May 16, 2022
While many Americans have resumed normal lives after the past two years, the COVID pandemic has not gone away, especially if you have a pre-existing condition or are pregnant. The nonprofit and nonpartisan Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky is reminding mothers-to-be in the Bluegrass State that being vaccinated against COVID-19 is one of many ways to better ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. Vice president for communications Ashley Brauer said all available data shows vaccination is safe for pregnant women and their children, and the goal of the campaign is to give mothers the facts they need to make an informed decision. ...(Read More)

Post-Pandemic, KY Returns to World-High Incarceration Rate

May 13, 2022
After a drop due to the COVID pandemic, new research found Kentucky is once again crowding more people into jails and prisons. The Bluegrass State has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, and some experts believe it is a direct result of state legislation keeping men and women locked up. Carmen Mitchell, criminal justice policy analyst at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, which produced the report, said the state's elected officials are not doing enough to solve the problem. ...(Read More)

AARP Shares KY Voter Resources Ahead of May 17 Primary

May 09, 2022
Ahead of Kentucky's May 17 primary election, residents have several ways to educate themselves on voting changes, deadlines, how to find their polling place, and the different options for casting their ballot. AARP Kentucky has released a voter guide aimed at residents 50 and older. A new redistricting plan has changed certain boundaries of some congressional and state legislative districts, and AARP Kentucky Executive Council Member Charles Williams explained that many affect which candidates appear on your ballot. ...(Read More)

New KY Law Aims to Improve Domestic-Violence Homicide Tracking

May 06, 2022
Kentucky will soon begin developing a coordinated, statewide system for reporting crimes related to intimate-partner violence. Gov. Andy Beshear's signature on Senate Bill 271 mandates data collection on domestic violence. ...(Read More)

New KY Law Clarifies Definition of Child Abuse

Apr 29, 2022
Gov. Andy Beshear has signed legislation clarifying the definition of child abuse and neglect, and allowing the state to move faster on suspected abuse cases, along with a host of other reforms. Sen. ...(Read More)

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